pregnant woman curious about the early pregnancy symptoms

The signs of early pregnancy can be different for every woman, but there are a few signs that many women seem to have in common. Knowing these signs can help you figure out if you might be pregnant soon after conception. 

But it’s also essential to remember that just because you have some of these symptoms, it doesn’t mean you’re definitely pregnant. Sometimes, these symptoms can be caused by other things happening in your body. So, while it’s good to be aware of early pregnancy signs, keep in mind they’re not a surefire way to know without further testing.

Early Signs

Here are a few of the most common signs and symptoms of early pregnancy.

Missed Period

One early sign that you might be pregnant is if you miss your period. This is often what people first notice. However, this sign can be a bit tricky to rely on if you’re someone whose menstrual cycle doesn’t always come at the same time every month. 

In other words, if your periods are often late or skip months, missing one might not be as clear of an indication of pregnancy as it would be for someone with a very regular cycle.

“Morning Sickness”

Morning sickness can be a misleading term since it can happen at any time, but it typically starts one to two months after conception. However, the timing can vary significantly; some women might start feeling nauseous earlier, while others may never suffer from it at all. 

The exact reason why nausea occurs during pregnancy remains unclear, but hormonal changes related to pregnancy are believed to be a contributing factor.

Feeling Fatigued

Fatigue is another common early sign of pregnancy. The exact cause of increased tiredness in the first trimester isn’t fully understood. However, it’s thought that the sudden increase in progesterone levels early in pregnancy could be a key factor contributing to this exhaustion.

Other Symptoms

Increased urination, moodiness, bloating, cramping, light spotting, and tender breasts are all other signs you could be pregnant. Again, pregnancy looks different for every woman, so there’s not always a tell-tale signal.

Find Out If You’re Pregnant

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on ambiguous pregnancy symptoms to find out. The best way to determine whether or not you may be expecting is to take a pregnancy test. 

Women’s Resource Center provides no-cost, lab-quality pregnancy testing. We also offer ultrasounds to confirm key details about your pregnancy you’ll want to know before you make any significant decisions.

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