At the Women’s Resource Center, we believe knowledge gives you power. You will have the power to make wise decisions, understand prenatal development and the challenges of parenting.  We will also provide you with community referrals to assist you along the way.

Our Classes

All of the classes we offer are 8-weeks, and our support groups meet regularly too. Online options can be made available to those interested. However, an initial visit is required to ensure you are placed in the best course for you. Please contact us to schedule your visit.

Prenatal classes

Understanding the changes taking place in your body during pregnancy is extremely important. Some of those changes can be quite confusing and downright scary, but all of them are for the benefit of your body and the health of your baby.

Our prenatal classes are uniquely designed to coordinate with our client’s needs. If this is your first pregnancy, you likely have a lot of questions. That’s why we offer complimentary prenatal classes that cover each trimester so you’ll know what to expect and when to expect it. Also, you’ll receive information about labor and delivery too.

Parenting Classes

We’re happy you’ve chosen to parent. It’s not an easy job, but it is one of the most rewarding. As you move from our prenatal classes to childbirth and beyond, we offer parenting classes to help you become the best parent possible. You’ll learn life skills that will help you for years to come. Our volunteers will walk alongside you to give you the tools you need to be a success!

Support Groups

Every new mom, no matter what her situation, needs the support of others. That’s why we always meet in a group setting. This provides an opportunity for friendships with other women walking the same path as you! There is nothing like having a tribe of supportive friends doing life together.

Material Support

You can “shop” our mommy store and maternity closet! Participate in a course or a support group and earn access to all our store has to offer. All items in the store, like all of our services, are free of charge. Our amazing donors and community partners make this possible.

Community Referrals

We provide referrals for the following community resources:

  • Housing assistance
  • Medical care
  • WIC
  • Social services
  • Adoption agencies
  • Transportation
  • Employment
  • Counseling
  • Domestic violence