The hard part is not knowing. Don’t wait and wonder if you’re actually pregnant. Come to the Women’s Resource Center for confidential complimentary pregnancy testing.

How our pregnancy tests work

Our pregnancy tests are lab-quality urine tests with a 99% accuracy rate. They detect the levels of the pregnancy hormone known as hCG in your urine. When a woman gets pregnant, her body begins producing this hormone if a fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining. A positive pregnancy test means hCG has been found.

Your test results will be completely confidential. Plus, we offer them as a complimentary service, so there’s no cost to you.

When to take a pregnancy test

Our urine pregnancy tests may detect the HCG pregnancy hormone 7 days after conception. If your menstrual cycle is regular (the same time every month) and you have been tracking it correctly, you can take a test 1 or 2 days after your missed period. If your menstrual cycle is irregular and varies from month to month, we suggest waiting 6 to 7 days after your estimated time. You are likely to get more reliable results.

What to expect during your visit

Pregnancy test appointments will last about an hour and include the following assistance:

  • Your personal client advocate who will stay with you throughout the appointment
  • Information on prenatal development
  • Abortion information
  • Consultation on your different pregnancy options
  • Pregnancy test results by the end of your visit

Each situation is unique, and we want to provide for your specific needs. We promise to offer you non-judgmental and ongoing emotional and physical support.

Your next step if the pregnancy test is positive

If your pregnancy test is positive, your next step will be an ultrasound. To make a confident decision about your pregnancy, you still need additional information. A positive test result is only the beginning. We offer a complimentary, limited obstetric ultrasound to provide you with the additional information you need.

We’re here for you

This is an overwhelming time in your life. We are here to provide confidential complimentary services that help bring peace to your situation. Although this may seem like the end of your plans, it isn’t. Although you may feel buried in a dark place, remember that’s where a seed grows to become a beautiful flower. You are strong and capable of amazing things. Let us show you how.