Are you supposed to parent?

That’s a huge question to ask yourself, “Am I supposed to parent my child?” It can be a bit scary too. Many women don’t know about the community support and resources available to them when choosing to parent. Our area is extremely generous, and they’ve already provided many of the services you’ll need.

At the Women’s Resource Center, we want you to freely consider all of your options for your pregnancy. Remember, you were made to take on hard things. Don’t automatically assume parenting is impossible.

Finding out if parenting is right for you

Our caring staff is ready to help you determine if parenting is right for you. They’ll ask you about some of the following:

  • Do you/ will you have the emotional and financial support of your family, friends, or the baby’s father?
  • Can you continue your education/career while raising your baby?
  • Are you in a safe and stable situation to raise a child?
  • Do you feel mature enough to care for your child’s physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice to give your child the things they need?
  • Do you know about the resources available to you for parenting?

These can be hard questions to answer, but looking closely at these issues will help you make the right decision for you and your baby. Talking with your family may give you some surprising answers as well.

What we can provide


As we said before, many in our community are very generous when helping a single mother. We can offer you several community referrals, such as:

  • Housing assistance
  • Medical care
  • WIC
  • Social services
  • Transportation
  • Employment
  • Counseling
  • Domestic violence

You will not be on this journey alone. Many are ready to help you succeed!


In addition to referrals, we offer a variety of classes and groups to support you along the way:

  • Prenatal classes
  • Parenting classes
  • Life Choices classes such as budgeting, job hunting, and relationships

Material Support

After you have participated in a class or support group, you earn access to all our store has to offer. You can “shop” in our mommy store and maternity closet! All items in the store, like all of our services, are complimentary. Our amazing donors and community partners make this possible. Contact us.

We believe in you. Believe in yourself.