Are you considering adoption?

After discovering you are pregnant, you realize you have a tough decision to make. What to do about your unexpected pregnancy.

You have three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. None of them are easy choices to make, but adoption could be the best decision of them all. It certainly isn’t easy, but adoption is truly the most courageous and selfless act any mother could ever do.

Is adoption right for you?

As you consider adoption, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I feel about abortion?
  • Could I take on parenting responsibilities at this point in my life? 
  • Do I want my child to be raised in a way that provides them with stability and security that I might not be able to provide right now? 
  • Is the idea of being a mom without the day-to-day responsibilities appealing?

These aren’t easy questions to ask or answer. Adoption is emotionally hard and choosing it requires a lot of love and the support of others.

Making an adoption plan

Did you know as an expectant mother or a birth mother, you have particular rights? No one else can make these decisions but you or the person you ask.

You select the perfect adoptive family for your child. You explain what is important to you such as home environment, siblings, pets, religion, etc. It is the adoption agency’s responsibility to find families for you to choose from.

All of the services you receive while making an adoption plan should be completely free of charge for you. If anyone suggests you should pay to make an adoption plan, they are not reputable, and you should avoid working with them.

Every state has different legal requirements. Your agency or attorney should inform you completely of your rights and obligations before you sign any paperwork.

The types of adoption plans

There are different types of plans: open, semi-open, and a closed adoption. In an open adoption, the expectant or birth mom chooses the adoptive family and exchanges identifying information with them. Your child will grow up knowing the important  role you play in their life’s story.

A closed adoption means you ask your attorney or agency to select a family for you. No identifying information is shared and there is no further contact once your child is placed.

Contact between the birth family and the adoptive family is done through a third party in a semi-open adoption. You still exchange correspondence but no identifying information is given.

How we can help you

We do not arrange, give legal advice, or receive any compensation regarding adoption. However, we can refer you to licensed agencies which help walk you through the decision-making process.

Contacting an adoption agency does not mean you agree to the adoption. It merely means you want more information. You should never be pressured into making an adoption decision.

Call to talk with one of our client advocates about this option. We’ll see you get the love, support, and encouragement you need to make this brave decision. Contact us, we’d love to hear from you! We believe in you. Believe in yourself.

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